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Imagine your living room, bedroom or office being renovated. Modern furniture, designer accessories, trendy colours and patterns. But something is missing, there is no accent to emphasize the style and enhance the effect. This empty wall is asking for a distinctive decoration that will be eye-catching and have a "wow" effect. We have something suitable for you, namely the canvas prints of Picasso. Their modernist character, colouring and shape of details are ideal features that will perfectly fit into a fashionable, modern arrangement. Picasso's canvas prints are an interesting phenomenon in art, because they evoke extreme feelings - some people love them, others are completely shy of them and consider them a quirk. However, we want to convince everyone that not everyone has to explore their meaning. All we need to do is to see the interesting decorative potential that fits perfectly into the current interior design trend and is based on surprising design. Because the canvas prints of this artist are certainly surprising, and in the interior, they will be a proof of the excellent taste of the person who decorated them.

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Monochromatic and cubist

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Bet on originality and character

Pablo Picasso was one of the creators of Cubism, and by the way he was also an extremely interesting, even intriguing artist. His rich personality, artistic soul and Spanish temperament are reflected in every canvas print. Deciding on a decoration of such importance, you gain an interior with artistic value because Picasso's canvas prints are full of expression, they focus attention and some shake with a bold message. Such a decorative accent causes the interior to automatically become unusual and original.

Monochrome or multicolour

The artist has created many works, including large-format, saturated, full of bold colours and geometric shapes with sharp edges. Such a Picasso’s canvas print, on the wall of a living room or company office, is a serious matter. It is a decoration of the highest degree in an artistic design. But Picasso was also famous for his graphics made as if from an unwanted moment, which can still be found in various places in the world. These are usually canvas prints made exclusively with the use of a black line, which also present themselves beautifully.

Picasso paintings in a unique decoration

It is possible that when you look at our Picasso’s canvas prints proposals, you are thinking about choosing one of them. Then, however, there are doubts that it will look strange on your wall. We understand that, there is a lot of artistic boldness, bold colours and details of human body. But remember, this is art through the capital letter "S" and this is how you have to approach it. With courage and great understanding. So try to break through your decorative shyness and order one of Picasso's canvas prints.

A decoration of such importance as Pablo Picasso's canvas prints requires appropriate setting. And we are not talking about a frame here, although sometimes it is also worth thinking about. We are talking about the whole arrangement, and most of all the closest surroundings of the canvas print. Of course, the order of arrangement of the interior is set by everyone, but we advise you to choose a canvas print from our collection first. Looking at it, you will surely find inspiration to choose a colour for the exhibition wall and to choose the furniture that will stand on its background. This is important for creating a coherent and impressive arrangement.

Picasso’s canvas prints are worth exhibiting on a wall painted in a colour referring to the colours used by the master, because it perfectly underlines the qualities of the decoration. Remember also about additional lighting, which in the evening will perfectly enhance the effect. It is also very important that the size of the canvas print is proportional to the dimensions of the interior, especially in cases where the work consists of large, expressive details. In our selection wizard, you will find many size variants, which will certainly make your task easier.

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