Wallpapers stairs

Majestically climbing up or leading down. Elaborately twisted, captured from an intriguing perspective, covered in one of the thousands of colors available, including sepia, or the combination of black and white. Leading to mysterious tunnels, dividing modernistic sky scrapers into sections, leading to the stage of an artistic theatre, or into a romantic, Italian café. And in case of our designer form – the object and subject of original wall decorations, that is of modern wallpapers. In architecture, stairs are not only the symbol of utilitarianism, but also a design element, and the final result of the laborious work of experts, which perfectly emphasizes the spirit of every building or describes the style of a particular interior. In the department of interior design, stairs steps captured in a wallpaper play (at least) two roles.

Bestsellers - The most popular inspirations stairs with wallpaper

The Oak Story

The occupants of old tenements are very familiar with the sound of squeaking stairs. Walking over...

The Stairs in Your Dream

Thanks to tbe stairs, this wall becomes incredibly dynamic. The visualization enlarges the...

The Gradual Whirlpool

The pastel colors of the wallpaper, enhanced by the sunshine and exposed on the front wall, will...

A Decorative Twist

We play tricks with our perception and twist our imagination into some great fun. The spiral, raw...

Shots illustrating rustic stairs steps will work just wonderfully in classic interiors, and photos, available in the form of wallpapers, of staircases in tall office buildings, will, in turn, work perfectly well in cold, toned-down, professional and minimalistic, thought-over decors. Stairs wallpapers are inspirations that beautifully correspond to every kind of style, and additions and decorations that – when used accordingly – are beneficial to the reception and ergonomics of every office, bedroom, or living room.

Tall, as seen from the floor perspective, or leading down, as seen from the birdseye perspective, stairs make every interior more open, and introduce into it the spatiality that is so much needed. Based on the rules of the optic illusion and how it works, the wallpapers presented in our gallery will increase the square meter area of every interior, and visibly move its walls.

Thanks to the diversity of shots available in our gallery and their functionality, the stairs wallpapers presented fit every design style.

Thanks to the high quality production techniques and high quality materials used, they will also work perfectly well in interiors vulnerable to an intense impact of vapor, high temperatures, but also sun rays.

When used in dark anterooms, narrow kitchens or cramp offices, they will introduce into them a sense of freedom and will please the eye for a long time.

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