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We all know how well sport-related emotions increase the adrenaline level in our blood stream and set us in a good mood. Unfortunately, everything that is related to avid cheering and great, sport passions is also characterized by transience. In order to preserve the breeze of a healthy competition and the aura of applause and fight for victory, we have created this inspiring gallery of wall decorations that pertain to the great games, important events, and legendary shows. Our wallpapers illustrating stadiums are a big treat for all the real fans of football, basketball lovers, and sprint race enthusiasts. We are sure that all enthusiasts of unique designer decorations will appreciate the veneers presented in this section. It's all true because wallpapers illustrating the greatest stadiums are a smooth combination of the sport competition, big emotions, and the design that is desired by everyone.

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The Champions' League

A mission impossible football-themed wallpaper! This very veneer, spread all over a living room...

The Reminiscence of EURO 2012

Is there even single one of us who, while watching the EURO 2012 Championships, didn't dream of...

Birdseye perspective shots perfectly encompass the biggest, greatest, and most famous world stadiums. Characterful zoom-ins illustrating competing players – shots depicting verve, determination, and great sport courage. Prints devoted to cheering, focusing on the stadium stands, and a few photographic shots reflecting the beauty of the elusive moments of aiming at the goal, ball dribbling, and the magic of joy after a precise and successful shot.

A blaze of motives, a kaleidoscope of feelings, and a true rainbow of stimulating colors – you can find it all in our section of stadium wallpapers, being a perfectly compiled gallery dedicated to all the fans of sport and decorative designer gadgets. Those phenomenal shots were also taken owith the great, future football players in mind, who todays are young junior players who constantly improve their football skills, as well as with young football fans who would certainly like to replace their corny posters carelessly put up on the wall with a presentable, theme wallpaper.

Our stadium wallpapers are also a praise of the great architecture, and a gallery of shots focused on the most contemporary and most innovatory projects. All this makes truly exciting sport and designer inspirations. Being even more precise, it makes inspirations that are perfect to a manly or a young boy's bedroom, or to a living room of a sport family.

The recommended wallpapers are also great decorations to put up in clubs or stylized pubs, where – thanks to their high quality, strong color saturation, and effortless maintenance – they will please the eyes of guests coming to see the games for a very long time.

In short, the wallpapers presented in our exceptional gallery are decorations made with fans of sport and strong emotions in mind, who would like to keep the elusive emotions related to sport games (in a way that is pleasant to the eye) for longer, and take the atmosphere of the game play back home with them.

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