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Feminine (both literally and metaphorically) graphics, sweet, macro size pralines, and artistic zoom-in of the essence of the café life the aromatic seeds of Robusta and Arabica are. Wallpapers to a café, smelling of relaxation, tempting with serenity and welcoming, is a section dedicated to both to café owners and espresso lovers – the coffee drinkers dreaming of transferring the atmosphere of their favorite cafés to their own homes. The spectrum of coffee inspiration is the gist of our extraordinary gallery. The lead here is taken by cups full of a dark infusion, coffee zoom-ins, tasty collages, masterpieces painted by the hand of a proficient barista with the use of a thick foam, and exquisite, sweet desserts – a perfect side dish to an afternoon coffee, served both at a trendy café and a private living room.

Bestsellers - The most popular inspirations café with wallpaper

Blossoming Apple Trees

Before a tree bears its fruit, we first can admire their blossoms. It is that very phase of the...

Dream of a morning coffee lover

Do the grains of a freshly ground Arabica tickle your nostrils already in the morning? There is...

Cafe Italiano

Italian alleys are famous for their small and cozy cafés where you can have the most aromatic...

Coffee in a Glass

The interior design, inspired by the Polish patterning of the 70s and 80s, is the today's most...

Our collection of designer inspirations is complemented by atmospheric photos and graphics, which pertain to the culture of the Orient, the abundance of tastes of the Dark Continent, and the modern art written by the really capital „A“. Thanks to the really wide array of themed shots, the section of wallpapers for a café is a treasury of ideas that will meet the tastes of all espresso, café latte, and mokki coffee enthusiasts.

Our wallpapers, which are full of a coffee motives, allure with a deep aroma, and evoke the tastes of sweet and root additives, will work very well not only in a professional and café, but also a home interior. Made of top quality materials and characterized by superior durability, our wall decorations will effectively withstand the kitchen steam and temperature changes, which takes place during the process of roastings seeds, sustaining its top quality.

The newest inspirations using wallpaper café

A Parisian Café

Cafés in Paris are adjacent to the most footworn alleys. What is more, you can sit down at a...

Cork Frenzy

The decoration is all made of wine bottle corks. You can also try to guess what wine each cork...

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