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We prove that a wall is not an obstacle, a symbolic line, which is hard to arrange, and which separates rooms from one another, or a barrier, but a canvas, on which you can show your designer talent. It is a canvas, which, if you turn little fanciful, can be covered with antique relieves, oriental bas-relieves, or rustic planks. An idyllic fence, a multi-color graffiti, a historic tenement gate, and a precise construction made of basement bricks – all those propositions on how to turn a plain wall into a themed print have been put in the brickwork wallpaper category. All the photographs, graphics, and creative shots are a blaze of colors, a catalog of motives, an album of various stylistics, and thematic threads where every enthusiast of interior design will find something for him or herself.

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For a few years now, stone walls and wooden elements have been very popular in the Polish...

A Stone Wall

The rocks on this wallpaper are arranged in such a way that they look like ledges. The rocks are...

With the use of modern technologies and top quality materials, we make durable, incredibly functional, and stunningly impressive wallpapers. Our wallpapers are a fine imitation of walls of the ancient Egypt temples covered with hieroglyphs, elevations of pre-war tenements, idyllic palings, fences covered with moss, or walls of atmospheric, little cellars made of brick.

You only need a short while to put up a photographic boiserie, or a graphical, urban mural. You can do that without bothering about plastering, speckling, and putting up planks or natural rocks on your wall – all thanks to one of our stunning wallpapers from our thematic catalog of wall inspirations.

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