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In spite of the technological advancement, they remain to be the best hint and a clue for a change of course for all the seasoned travelers. In case of all globetrotters traveling across distant lands by the wings of imagination, world maps, charted up with full solicitude by professional cartographers and encapsulated in world atlases, are a huge inspiration and motivation to do everything you can to, one day, visit the nooks and corners they illustrate. Besides, be it modern, highly graphical, or stylized as old and still inaccurate and, frequently, misleading sets, maps are a beautiful and ever up-to-date designer addition. That is why – also bearing in mind all (both practical and theoretic) travelers – have we created this category, which contains wallpapers illustrating the map of the world – an Internet gallery of ever desirable wall inspirations.

Bestsellers - The most popular inspirations world map with wallpaper

Monochromatic continents

Shades of gray used in the department of interior design are becoming more and more popular....

A world full of colors

Every teenager dreams of being an individualist, of having his or her own passions, and standing...

Mother Earth

We also have something for adventurers, and all the fans of the „Indiana Jones“ series, where...

The Old Map

On this map you can see pure continents, without any particular captions. And the waters...

Prints illustrating the world map are a perfect complementation of a manly office set in the classic tone. They are perfectly compatible with living rooms set in the colonial style. Hung in child's bedrooms, prints illustrating the world map stimulate the imagination of every toddler, and come in handy, working as didactic aid that is very pleasant to the eye.

World maps in the form of modern wallpapers fit every convention, and will be perfectly compatible with all kinds of styles, be it modern and minimalistic, artistically exaggerated, or romantic. That is why in our inspiring gallery we have included maps that are modern, vector-based, but also maps that resemble images cast by projectors, maps taken straight from the pages of school world atlases, or historical maps, laid down on a parchment backcloth or illustrating the world as seen by oriental cartographers.

The newest inspirations using wallpaper world map

With a finger on a map

It is time for an adventure! Have you ever tried to go on a street with a map, move around the...

By bike through the world map

The photo wallpaper is not only about colours – it is a way of representing the world in such a...

What all of the wallpapers from this category, which illustrate world maps, have in common is the production quality, and an amazing decorative potential. Characterized by a strong color intensity, available in several sizes (also fit made), requiring no special maintenance methods, 100% health-hazard free, and printed out on a high quality paper wallpapers can be used to decorate all kinds of interiors.

Propositions presented in the gallery are recommended especially to seasoned globetrotters and day-dreamers dreaming of embarking on a journey all around the globe. Our world map wallpapers are also recommended to all the colonial and minimalistic style lovers.

What's more, maps available in the form of wallpapers are perfect inspirations that effectively create the right atmosphere in a child's bedroom, and are good didactic aid decoratively hung on a class room wall.

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