Wallpapers Drawn Sketch

A crafty artist doesn't need a palette full of various paints or a set of professional brushes in order to illustrate on a piece of paper the emotional universe of his or her soul. All a talented sketcher needs is a piece of coal, thanks to which he or she can sketch up the most beautiful and most complex emotions in no time. Sketches live their new life now – they are popularized by prestigious galleries and successful interior designers who take responsibility for designing our interiors. Since we cannot let ourselves to be indifferent to this trend, we are proud to present and recommend our gallery of original wallpapers with an artistic verve to them. Our Drawn Sketch wallpaper gallery is a treasury of unique patterns clearly outlined with a piece of coal. Sketches set in black and white, or complemented by colorful blotches, are like little pieces of art, which mercilessly steal our hearts, and settle in on our walls with full confidence.

Romantic, girlie, or seductive – perfect for a feminine bedroom, or an intimate boudoir. Fanciful, somewhat abstract, or heavily thematic and conceptual – perfect for all fans of sketching, and enthusiasts of artistic passion and talent expressed through clear outlining. Drawn Sketch wallpapers are our private smile at all those of our customers who in their childhood were engrossed with comic books, or covered the walls of their bedrooms with their own, sketched up images and graphics.

In our gallery of Drawn Sketch wallpapers we mix vintage sketches with modern projects, and what they all have in common is technical precision and intentional simplicity free from exaggeration, which becomes an exceptional tool to symbolically express the deepest and most complex emotions.

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