Canvas Prints SPA

Treatments based on aromatherapy that is beneficial both to the body and soul, relaxing massages, or sauna session that help to relieve negative emotions. We all need a bit of relax, and – from time to time – dream of mentally drifting away thanks to luxurious SPA treatments. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to fulfill their dreams at rejuvenation parlors. What's more, some are even unable to properly rest at such crowded parlors! Fortunately, the remedy for the neverending rush, exhaustion and stress is simple. Most importantly, you don't have to travel to any distant locations or spend high amounts of money. All you have to do is turn your bathroom into a private SPA that is inaccessible to any outsiders. The very first stop on the way to achieving that are our wall decorations.
Our canvas prints from the „SPA Parlor“ series is a set of delightful photographs canvas printed out on a cotton canvas. Their frames hold supplant female silhouettes, atmospheric collages, flames of kindling scented candles captured in a magic fashion, hot stones, or oriental flowers of Lotus set in romantic colors of rouge or violet. Themed compositions introduce into every SPA parlor the desirable, relaxing atmosphere, and turn it into a temple of relaxation. Thanks to the employment of modern canvas printing techniques and proven materials only, the decorations recommended are resistant against alternating temperatures and air humidity, thanks to which they work perfectly well as mission impossible designer accessories used in home bathrooms, private bedrooms, and professional health and rejuvenation clinics.

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