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When getting ready for the next renovation and rearrangement of some interior, it is worth to think about the general concept before starting the work. However, are we able to plan the arrangement of such space in a comprehensive way? No, we usually look for decorative details after the renovation. And if you are just standing in a newly renovated room and wondering what is missing here, we hurry with a hint. On an empty wall, which is the most expressive, there should be some impressive decoration, for example a canvas print. Of course, this does not have to mean a lot of expenditure right away. Thanks to our offer, you can order canvas prints of great artists. This allows you to hang a Van Gogh’s canvas print on the wall, for example, and in this way highlight your new arrangement. Thanks to modern printing technology and the use of canvas as a substrate, our canvas prints reproduce the originals with total accuracy and precision, which makes them look not only very impressive but also noble and prestigious.

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Van Gogh's canvas prints are not just sunflowers

For starters, you need to know that in his canvas prints Van Gogh did not only immortalize sunflowers. It is, of course, the most strongly associated work of this artist, or in fact the whole series. But Van Gogh is also a beautiful landscape painted in daytime, but also unique for that time, the night-time outdoors. The artist was also famous for his predilection to paint interesting portraits as well as self-portraits. All these works catch the eye with their characteristic atmosphere, and that is what interior decoration is all about.

Universal and timeless

Master Van Gogh lived and worked in the 19th century, but he was well ahead of his time. He referred to the impressionism from which he was born, but he obviously introduced modernist elements into this technique. Thanks to this, Van Gogh's canvas prints are still willingly reproduced and placed on the walls of many interiors. The style and atmosphere of these works makes them fit even into fashionable, ultra-modern arrangements. They are not retro, they do not close in one style of art, they are simply completely timeless.

Striking interior with a painting by Van Gogh

The versatility of Van Gogh's canvas prints means that they can still be used to decorate interiors in various styles. In addition, our canvas prints from this series do not require any specialist exposition, as they look great on raw concrete or brick, as well as on smooth walls painted with paint. There is a kind of colour expression in these paintings, which is worth referring to. If, for example, the master has hidden many lines in yellows or reds, it is worth hanging an imitation of this work against this background.

Looking at Van Gogh's canvas prints, one cannot help but notice that light plays a very important role in them. Daily landscapes and all varieties of sunflowers are based on sunlight. However, the night landscapes are full of various street lights and stars. It is a perfect invitation to emphasize the canvas print in an interesting way through special lighting. Spotlights, which shed warm light on the chosen place of the canvas print, or museum-style lamps illuminating the canvas print from above, will be the best choice here.

What you have to remember when deciding on a decoration in the form of a Van Gogh canvas print is to match its size to the size of the interior. Our possibilities of large format printing are considerable, so we give you a choice of different size variants. Before you order, think about the proportions of the decoration and the interior to achieve the best possible effect. You don't have to worry about the quality of the details, as we guarantee the highest resolution. Modern machines and the knowledge of our experts guarantee the faithful reproduction of master Van Gogh's works.

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