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The elusive beauty of blow-balls fascinates and allures painters, sculptors, photographers, poets, or makers of artistic jewelry. Puffy, ideal spheres growing on a sea's green sweep of grass are so unstable that even the lightest flurry of a warm wind is able to destroy their elaborate construction – blowing the collective fruit high up in the air, breaking it into elemental components, and scattering it all around the world. Blow-balls are elusive, ephemeral, and magical in its own, enigmatic way. In addition, they are very decorative, and photos or prints that enclose in their frames the elusive snatches of the overgrown dandelion flower surprise with their artistic timing. Blow-ball wallpapers illustrating most spectacular, picturesque, photographic, or graphical shots of puffy collective fruit are equally beautiful.

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The Charm of Summer

When we were little, we all wandered about a meadow full of blow-balls, watching as the delicate...


Bathrooms relating to the Eco style cannot miss the accent of green – the element of nature. A...

A Blow-Ball From the Inside

Here you can see the core of a blow-ball between its individual elements that make the subtle and...

In the pastel dance of the nature

The gentleness of the dandelions is volatile as the first breeze of the fresh wind. See how...

Blow-balls are an artistic synonym of transience that stimulates everyone's imagination – it is an image, captured in flight, of the fluidly fading time. Fluffy balls – a reminder of yellow flowers – drawn by the invisible hand of nature, and resulting from the natural course of events, evoke warm, Spring mornings, and sunny Summer afternoons, and framed by wallpapers – they introduce into interiors a bit of warm sun rays, and a touch of nostalgia.

Sentimental wallpapers illustrating blow-balls are decors tailored to romantic bedrooms set in a warm style based on the colors of nature. Graphical blow-ball, shown through an anatomical zoom-in and painted in the style of a modern artist, are touches that correspond to the manly minimalism and make a perfect decoration for toned-down living rooms. When it comes to fluffy florescences captured on the background of a rainbow, they will make a perfect decoration for a child's bedroom – one that is colorful, fable-liike, and one thanks to which the happy time of growing up lasts for a really long time.

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Non-volatile volatile moments

The dreams seem so distant and unreal that we do not even notice them. Substitute the moments...

The soaring white lightness

The charm of the dandelions is the beauty that surrounds them. If you have ever looked at them...

Our section of wallpapers illustrating blow-balls is an extraordinary section - it is a gallery if extraordinary inspirations dedicated to all the romantics and day-dreamers, as well as to modern pragmatics who favor effective and original decors. All wallpapers available in this category are shots, which, in a mysteriously wonderful way, capture time and preserve the most precious moments, encapsulating in frames things that so far have seemed to be temporary and vulnerable to destruction from even the lightest wind flurry.

What's more, our wallpapers – printed out on the paper of the top quality, strongly saturated with pigment, and 100% health-hazard-free – embellished with the puffy spheres, astonish with their degree of decorativeness and uniqueness that can only be compared to the beauty of the one of a kind blow-ball.

The delightful and inspiring blow-balls – which enchant us with their elusiveness presented to us thanks to the craftsmanship of artists, sculptors, and writers – are now at the reach of your hand, alluring you with their natural beauty all around the year.

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