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Play of lights and lasers, vibrant colors, and various shapes and patterns. That is what you could describe our neon wallpapers dedicated to all those who value modern interior designs as well as colorful and abstract patterns. We are sure that everyone will find something for themselves. We have wallpapers in both unified as well as mixed colors, the latter passing from one color shade to the other. Each neon wallpaper is distinct from the other. That is why every decoration created is unique, looking like a play of various lights. It doesn't mean, however, that our gallery includes the usual abstract patterns only. For all the enthusiasts of more traditional designs, we have also prepared wallpapers illustrating well-known objects or animals. One way or the other, everything is presented in the neon style, involving the use of vivid, illuminating colors.

Bestsellers - The most popular inspirations Neon with wallpaper

Infernal Red

Although there is fairly little light on this decoration, the intense shade of red makes the...

Hidden Light

Intense, yellow light that can't break through the circles. What you can see, is only its shine...

Rain of Lights

The background is made of various shades of purple and red light. The end result of it is an...

Sequin Magic

On this decoration we have various rows which seem to be made of sequins. The fact that the...

A freely cast beam of light, which has a different color on each portion of the line segment. Of course, the said beam makes an incredibly smooth transition into new hues. Multiple light streams in one and the same or various colors cast in one and the same or various directions. Most of those streams are an abstract pattern, which looks like it's forming itself while traveling through the space. Although everything is made of mere contours and outlines, among all that you can also find neon figures, plants as well as animals.

In short, each shape is depicted by means of a very colorful light. Another type of neon wallpapers are writings – several wallpapers depicting illuminating words. Regardless of what kind of view from this category you choose, you can rest assured that all of them will not only be vivid, but also make an impression as if they were truly illuminating. They all give off a shine that you can see on every decoration in this category.

All our neon wallpapers are made of high quality materials. Thanks to the best pigments and modern technology, we have been able to make an impression as if our neon wallpapers were truly made of neon and illuminating. That is why our neon wallpapers make a really interesting and unique interior decoration.

Among the numerous patterns, you will find specific shapes and writings as well as patterns full of abstraction. While on some wallpapers neons are made of a single type of light, on other wallpapers we can observe a play of colors in various shades.

We are sure that a diversity like this one of wall decorations will satisfy even the most demanding customers. You can tailor the decoration of your choice to a specific wall in regard to both its size and level. We also want our neon wallpapers to be as presentable as possible in every interior.

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