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Sport wallpapers - strong emotions, rivalry with the opponent, and breaking of the limits of one's own endurance captured in photographic shots. Football, basketball, boxing, skiing, modern dance, skateboarding – a crazy ride and extreme emotions. An extreme wallpaper illustrating a mountain skiing scene for a morning full of energy, and images proficiently illustrating an intimate dance for a night full of inspiring dreams. We welcome you to learn more about and recommend our energizing gallery full of healthy competition and composed based on the rules of fair play only, in which we have captured the most motivating shots from the lives of sportsmen and amateur fiends of active recreation. We encourage you to check your skills and stand face to face with a basketball champion, or a professional goalkeeper.

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An Orange Night

Let the office you work in, or the conferential room you hold conferences in, enchant your...

In the most active section of all of our categories, we have placed a series of shots focused on the beauty of sport. The said section contains professional shots of the lives of top notch competitive sports sportsmen and a photographic account of sport that fully renders the beauty of competition. Strong emotions, glorious victory, and straightforward symbols – the essence of sport captured in sophisticated and professional photographs.

Our wallpaper propositions are a kaleidoscope of sport disciplines – ranging from the noble fencing, by modern dance and popular team sport categories, through boxing for men. Photographs that we offer delight with the extraordinary craftsmanship of their making and – thanks to various techniques applied – exhibit a full array of styles among which every fan of active recreation will find his or her designer jackpot.

Wallpapers the frames of which hold the most professional shots of sport are not only splendid inspirations that motivate you to live an active life and care for your physical performance regularly. It is also – if not most of all – trendy designer additions: modern veneers made of the best and most durable materials that will make a desirable atmosphere in a snap.

Our sport wallpaper perfectly fit into a bedroom of a teenager fascinated with sport, and are also perfectly in tune with the style of a manly and strongly modernistic living room. The sport wallpaper we offer are perfect for an office, a conferential room, a popular club, a bowling alley sieged by hoards, or a college students' pub.

They will work everywhere where really strong emotions play their role, and where motivation that gives you the spur to act is more precious than gold.

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