Canvas Prints Pin-Up

Always beautiful, always smiley, incredibly tempting, sugary colorful, and – despite the time gone by – still in immaculate shape! Pin-up girls awake unfaltering interest and lust. And now, they put on display their grace in the frames of canvas prints from Pin-up style canvas prints are immortal additions – decorative accessories, which will fit both an adult style bedroom, and a teenage girl's bedroom set in a comic book convention, or pertaining to popart. If that wasn't enough, those extraordinary accessories will perfectly emphasize the decor of all the places where a subtle and, at the same time, somewhat frivolous femininity is always welcome and eagerly exposed, like a barber's shop, or a beauty salon.

Besides the literal meaning of it that is so obvious, „pin-up“ can also refer to a unique trend, which is much more interesting and sprinkled with a bit pepper, the beginning of which dates back to the 40s and 50s of the 20th century. It was back then – at the time of rising after World War II – when a true cultural and moral revolution took place.

The revolution in question was advocated by pretty, young women – wearing stylish lingerie sets, flared skirts and dresses, or skimpy (as of then) bathing suits. It was thanks to those emancipated, phenomenal, perfect women captured in photographs that every man's imagination got fired up, and cheeks of ladies brought up in the Puritan spirit, although sedulously covered up with cheek powder, blushed up with healthy excitement.

They were the object of desire and the epitome of what men looked for in women. They were emancipated, albeit still far from being obscene, tempting and innocent at the same time, captured in posters, they staunchly accompanied soldiers during their war service, and their style became an inspiration for the Hollywood stars, including Marylin Monroe herself!

In spite of the time going by, this extraordinary trend is still as charming as it was back then. Today's icons of beauty make most of the fashion promoted by the poster girls, and designer creators willingly incorporate elements pertaining to the pin-up style into their projects.

It is not surprising, thus, that in our gallery you can find extraordinary canvas prints the theme of which are blushed up cheeks and long lashes of perfect neighborhood girls.

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