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Our vehicle wallpapers are a perfect solution for all the fans of motorization, enthusiasts of whirling engines, all those with a fancy on a right track to classic trains, and with a tendency to panache. Classic cars, vintage locomotions, mighty airplanes, and luxurious ships – all parked on a single wall. A vintage living room with a wallpaper illustrating a vintage locomotive, a modernistic bedroom with a view of a private fleet of modern cars, or an office with a zoom-in of a haven housing majestic sailing boats. We provide you with a handful of ideas how to personify a dull interior, give it a strong character, and an admirable motion. Define your style, choose a patterning from our „vehicle wallpapers“ section, and make your way on a course to the decorative trends.

Bestsellers - The most popular inspirations vehicle with wallpaper

A Showroom

The enormous background and furniture designs make an astonishing effect. Again do we prove that...

Powder Dreams

Every true car lover dreams of their own collection of American cars. A breath-taking design, a...

Retro Moto

Classic and perfectly well maintained cars fire-burn senses of all the fans of motorization. Fast...

Journey in a green car

The climatic green retro vehicles are not only eye-catching – they are also an unusual interior...

Astoundingly fast, with a trendy touch of a sport style, or charmingly vintage – cars are the indisputable leader in our gallery. It's no wonder, since beautiful cars have been stimulating the imagination of speed and adrenaline fans for years, at the same time fitting the new decorative trends. Arranging this section and selecting car photos by theme, we have, however, tried to present motorization from a completely different side that until now has remained either unknown, or underestimated.

Staying away from triviality, we decided to go not for catalogue, but artistic photographs that capture not only the details of the construction of every car, but also the wildness that is hard to specify, the unique and individual spirit, and multifaceted beauty. That is why our propositions include so many unusual portraits and car graphics.

Besides artistic zoom-ins and extraordinary views, romantic and urban shots with vehicles in the main focus also hold the prominent spot in this category. In the department of vehicles, characteristic yellow taxis driving over the streets of New York, London buses, elegant boats gliding over frothy waves, sentimental locomotives, or airplanes flying in mist clouds rule the roost.

Every proposition that we offer encompasses in itself all that we love about vehicles most. Motion, constructional beauty, emotions, adrenaline, and an extraordinary feel.

All those characteristics make the propositions available in this category thematic, and – at the same time – wonderfully decorative. They are the dream come true of every fan of engineering and a stylish designer addition in one.

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