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We are definitely all aware what nature in Scandinavian countries may look like. That is why we have as if transplanted it all to private apartment interiors. It can, thus, be said that the Scandinavian style is characterized by natural materials, bright colors, and mostly simple shapes. The said characteristics result from the fact that used have been immediate and obtainable materials. Of course, it does not mean that the Scandinavian style is not fetching. Very furniture made accordant to the Scandinavian style prove it is fetching, indeed. The beauty of the Scandinavian style furniture is in its simplicity. In case of decorations, which are to enrich the interior design of every interior, the situation is identically the same. As a matter of fact, the goal of wall and window decorations is to intersperse and complement every interior design. That is why such decorations don't have to be in the same style as the interior of destination.

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At a Birch Forest at Winter Time

At a winter time forest consisting of birch trees only, you can't see much except for whiteness....

A Heart Carved in Wood

Perfectly regular and free of any defects. This heart must have been carved by a real artist....

In short, the Scandinavian style is perfect if you want to complement an interior equipped with simple and light furniture as well as to make a contrast to an abundantly equipped interior. When it comes to decorations in the Scandinavian style, you may rest assured that every interior they are used in will be an oasis of serenity, complemented by soft and bright colors. The said serenity and soft and bright colors is what you can expect from wallpapers, prints, and posters.

Not everything has to be strictly Scandinavian style, though. You can also find in this category decorations that are part of the natural environment of the Scandinavian countries. We are talking here about woodlands and animals, who are able to survive under the severe and freezing conditions found in the Scandinavian countries. Both woodlands and animals can, thus, be considered as Scandinavian decorations. Bright colors and peace will also be their predominant features.

As we all know, snow is nearly a permanent feature of the scenery of the Scandinavian countries. That is why the reason why decorations coming from the Scandinavian territories will be bright, all due to the whiteness of the snow present. When it comes to peace, it is expressed by the woodlands, which make a peaceful cluster of trees.

What is more, the animals inhabiting those woodlands do not exhibit aggression without a justified reason. The Scandinavian style can, thus, include not only various things that the Scandinavian people have used to place in their buildings, but also the elements of nature surrounding those buildings. The truth is, though, that the Scandinavian style decorations can be of all sorts.

What is crucial, is that such decorations must follow the basic principles of bright coloring, simplicity of shape, and natural elements. Following those guidelines, we are able to make whatever kind of print in the Scandinavian style. In the past, the locals used whatever they had at their disposal, thus having set a new style in the department of interior design.

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